Sawnee EMC is dedicated to providing its members with the tools and resources to help make their home or business more energy efficient in order to help lower energy usage. We encourage you to visit a fully interactive website at Together We Save, dedicated to this very goal.

Also, learn more about our Co-op Connections program today. This is a new program that offers many benefits and discounts to you, our member!

At Sawnee EMC, We’re More Than Electricity, We’re Service.

Sawnee Announces New Billing Alert Program

This new tool allows Sawnee members to receive courtesy email notices about how their energy usage, and their bill amount, is progressing towards the maximum billing threshold they have entered. This innovative program virtually eliminates “bill shock” and surprise when you open your billing statement! Click here for an informative brochure which details all aspects of this new program. Click here to enroll in the program.

Detailed Energy Usage Data Available to Sawnee EMC Members

Did you know that Sawnee EMC members have access to their daily, and even hourly, energy usage data? This information can be very beneficial in determining when members are using the most electricity and which items are consuming the most electricity in the home or business. By analyzing their detailed usage data, members can easily pinpoint when they are consuming the most electricity, which sometimes turns out to be in the middle of the night or even when the home or business is vacant. Many members have been able to lower their monthly bill simply by cutting the waste they found.

Take a moment to view the video below, which gives you tips on saving energy this summer and how using your access to your daily readings can assist you in lowering your electricity bill.

Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI)

It has been said that "to measure, is to know" and Sawnee EMC is assisting its members by providing them with daily and hourly measurements of their energy usage. Start today by visiting our AMI Website to view you energy usage and begin to track and monitor your energy trends.

Are you ready for you to take your energy efficiency to the next level? Would you like to know about it when you encounter energy usage spikes? If so…. you can get started today with our exciting new “Proactive Energy Alert” program. Participants will receive notification when their residential account energy usage substantially increases over what they normally use in a typical day.

Energy Efficiency Brochures

Take advantage of our new Energy Efficiency Brochures; they include a wealth of cost-saving information and tips which are beneficial to both residential and commercial members.

Home Energy Savings Guide - This popular brochure provides Sawnee EMC members with valuable tips to help track and manage consumption by evaluating their home and identify questionable usage.

101 Easy Ways to Save Energy and Money – This brochure provides Sawnee EMC members with 101 easy ways to save energy in their home.

Questions to Ask When Replacing Your HVAC – This brochure helps the Sawnee EMC member who has a 10 – 20 year old HVAC unit and is contemplating its replacement.

Commercial Energy Savings Guide – This popular, easy to read brochure deals with the tough task of educating commercial customers on managing the energy usage at their place of business.

Natural Gas Service

Sawnee EMC is excited about a unique marketing relationship with one of Georgia’s premier natural gas marketers, True Natural Gas. This is a great opportunity for Sawnee EMC members to receive natural gas from a trusted source that will provide friendly customer service and low natural gas rates. Members who sign up will receive the same friendly customer service and low prices that they enjoy from Sawnee EMC.

Click Here to view the excellent residential and commercial pricing plans or to sign up for natural gas service!