Sawnee EMC Announces Approximately $10 Million Retirement of Patronage Capital to be Sent to Current and Former Members

(Cumming, GA; January 19, 2018) — Sawnee Electric Membership Corporation (Sawnee EMC) announced today that it is preparing to retire approximately $10 million, to over 94,000 eligible current and former members, through a general retirement of patronage capital; which includes a portion of the amounts assigned for 2001. This action will provide a retirement of funds to individuals, businesses, and governmental entities, who were members of the cooperative and received electric service from Sawnee EMC at any time during 2001.

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Home Energy Savings Guide (PDF) - This popular brochure provides Sawnee EMC members with valuable tips to help track and manage consumption by evaluating their home and identify questionable usage.

101 Easy Ways to Save Energy and Money (PDF) – This brochure provides Sawnee EMC members with 101 easy ways to save energy in their home.

Questions to Ask When Replacing Your HVAC (PDF) – This brochure helps the Sawnee EMC member who has a 10 – 20 year old HVAC unit and is contemplating its replacement.

Commercial Energy Savings Guide (PDF) – This popular, easy to read brochure deals with the tough task of educating commercial customers on managing the energy usage at their place of business.