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CUMMING, GA – Sawnee Electric Membership Corporation (Sawnee) announced today that its Board of Directors recently approved for the Corporation to participate in three (3) new utility scale solar facilities, totaling 252 Megawatts (MW).  

These solar projects are being developed in the southern part of Georgia on behalf of Green Power EMC, a not-for-profit cooperative founded in 2001 by Georgia’s electric cooperatives, including Sawnee EMC, to solicit, screen and procure renewable power projects for participating members.

Sawnee EMC will not have an investment or ownership interest in any of these solar projects; the cooperative has simply agreed to purchase a portion of the solar energy generated at a fixed price, for the next 20 plus years.  The facility will be funded and built by Silicon Ranch, one of the nation’s largest independent solar power producers; they will own, operate and maintain these solar arrays.

“These actions demonstrate our ongoing commitment to having a competitively priced,  environmentally responsible, and diversified generation portfolio which meets the ever-changing needs for our growing membership,” states Michael A. Goodroe, President and CEO of Sawnee.

Of the 252 MW these projects represent, Sawnee will receive 45 MW, or 17.86% of the total energy output of these sites. The three (3) projects are scheduled to start construction in 2022 and 2023 and will come online, in stages, beginning in the 2nd Quarter 2023 through December 2024.

“These three (3) solar projects will be another in a series of very attractive renewable projects, economically priced and sustainable; that benefit both for our members and our state,” states Blake House, Sawnee’s Vice President of Member Services.

Sawnee EMC has previously participated in other renewable generation projects that included landfill gas, biomass, and numerous utility scale solar projects.  With the addition of these new solar projects, it has brought Sawnee’s  portfolio of renewable generation assets under contract to approximately 116 MW.  That is enough energy to power over 13,000 homes.

As is the case with all renewable projects, Sawnee EMC chooses to participate strategically, over time, and only when it makes long term business sense for its members.

For more information about this please contact Blake House, Vice President of Member Services, at or by calling (678) 455-1510.

About Sawnee EMC
Sawnee Electric Membership Corporation is an electric distribution cooperative headquartered in Cumming, Georgia. Sawnee serves electricity to approximately 191,000 accounts in seven (7) counties of greater north Georgia. Sawnee’s total assets exceed $885 million, with energy sales of 3.8 billion kWh and annual revenue of approximately $417 million. With a team of approximately 363 dedicated professionals and over 11,855 miles of distribution line, Sawnee stands ready at all times to meet the needs of its members/owners. SEMC strives daily to live up to their motto…

“At Sawnee EMC, We’re More Than Electricity, We’re Service”.

This institution is an equal opportunity provider and employer


About Green Power EMC
Green Power EMC is a not-for-profit cooperative founded in 2001 to support EMCs in their search for Georgia’s renewable resources. The primary efforts of Green Power EMC have been to find, screen, analyze and negotiate power purchase agreements with Georgia-based renewable resource providers. In addition to sourcing renewable energy, Green Power EMC provides education programs that help Member consumers learn both the challenges and opportunities of utilizing renewable energy.