Sawnee EMC Unveils New Rebate for Members with a “Smart” Thermostat

(Cumming, GA; April 26, 2016) — Sawnee EMC announced today, a new incentive program specifically designed for its members who have an internet-connected HVAC thermostat, commonly referred to as a “smart” thermostat. The Cooperative recently partnered with EnergyHub, the leading provider of internet-connected device management for utilities, in order to launch their new “Sawnee Smart Savers” Program. Sawnee Smart Savers is a money-saving demand response program that allows participating members to enroll their smart thermostat into the program, and receive a monetary incentive for doing so.

Sawnee EMC’s existing demand response program (called Load Management), which has been in operation for over 30 years, utilizes a physical switch that is connected to a home’s outside HVAC unit and is activated with a radio signal from the cooperative. This existing Load Management program currently has approximately 40,000 participants and continues to be very successful.

Available for enrollment on May 2, 2016, the new Smart Savers program will be able to activate HVAC demand response activities by communicating with a participant’s smart thermostat, which is Wi-Fi or home security enabled. In this program, there is no need for a Load Management switch to be installed; the smart thermostat serves as the switch.

“This is a new horizon for demand response. We consider it to be the next generation of our Load Management program, which has been very successful. Technology is changing and we needed an option for our members who wanted to participate in our conventional Load Management program, but were unable for various reasons.” said Blake House, Vice President of Member Services at Sawnee EMC. “This is one of the most innovative programs we have ever offered and we are very excited about it.”

For Sawnee members who wish to enroll simply need to have, or agree to purchase and install, a qualifying Wi-Fi enabled smart thermostat. Then, enroll the thermostat into the Smart Saver program via the dedicated web site at

“This platform is another opportunity to provide value to our members,” said Michael A. Goodroe, President and CEO at Sawnee EMC. “It’s a great option that combines comfort, control and savings.”

“We’re excited to help Sawnee build on its existing demand response offerings by leveraging connected thermostats as demand response assets,” said Seth Frader-Thompson, President at EnergyHub. “Sawnee’s service-oriented approach is a great fit with EnergyHub’s goal of offering the broadest possible Wi-Fi connected thermostat choice to customers, and we look forward to assisting Sawnee members get the most out of their smart thermostats.”

Smart thermostats give homeowners the convenience of being able to control their home’s HVAC system from their mobile device or computer, from anywhere, which gives them greater control of their energy bill.

Sawnee EMC members, who enroll into the program by July 15, 2016, will receive a $50 credit for each qualifying thermostat. More information about the Sawnee Smart Saver program or about how to sign up can go to

About Sawnee EMC
Sawnee Electric Membership Corporation is an electric distribution cooperative headquartered in Cumming, Georgia. Sawnee serves electricity to approximately 161,500 accounts in seven (7) counties of greater north Georgia. Sawnee’s assets exceed $524 million, with energy sales of 3.6 billion kWh and annual revenue of $354 million. With a team of approximately 305 dedicated professionals and over 10,150 miles of distribution line, Sawnee stands ready at all times to meet the needs of its members/owners. SEMC strives daily to live up to their motto…

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