Mission Statement:

The Consumer Advisory Task Force (CATF) exists to serve as a liaison between Sawnee EMC and the communities these members represent. The CATF is asked to interact with the staff of Sawnee, as well as the General Activities Committee on the Board of Directors and offer guidance relating to matters of interest to them and other Sawnee members. It is Sawnee EMC's goal to provide a higher degree of information to this group of members concerning the day-to-day affairs and operations of their Cooperative. The staff of Sawnee wants this group to become familiar with the process of their cooperative and to share this information with anyone who may have an interest in Sawnee EMC. By doing this, we hope to create a stronger working relationship with the communities in which we serve.

CATF Activities:

The CATF members are an active part of our communities. Throughout the year, they participate in various activities to raise money for the scholarship fund and local charities. One of the most successful fundraisers is the selling of the raffle tickets for a homemade quilt awarded each year at the Sawnee EMC Annual Meeting. The annual meeting gives our CATF members the opportunity to raffle the quilt and help out with the children’s activities. It is also a wonderful opportunity for the CATF members to talk with other Sawnee EMC members.

How To Become A CATF Member:

Being a CATF member is a valuable experience for Sawnee EMC members. It offers this group of members the opportunity to learn more about the corporation, and it also affords the opportunity for the member to express his/her thoughts and ideas on happenings of the corporation. There are certain minimum requirements a member must meet to be eligible to become a CATF member. For more details, please call Cindy Badgett at 678-455-1399 Cindy.Badgett@Sawnee.com.