Board of Directors

Overview - Sawnee EMC’s service area is divided into nine (9) directorate districts. Each geographical area is defined in Section 4.03, Directorate Districts, of the Corporation’s Bylaws.

District Assignment – To find out which directorate district you are located in, click on the link below and enter your account number or contact our Customer Care Center (770-887-2363)
Directorate District Locator

To request printed copies of a Directorate District map, please contact the office of the President and CEO or our Customer Service Center at (770) 887-2363

Photo of Roger T Coker
Roger T. Coker

District 1 - (map)

Photo of Marshall S Millwood
Marshall S. Millwood

District 2 - (map)

Photo of Lamar V Sexton
Lamar V. Sexton

District 3 - (map)

Photo of Gary G Porter
Gary G. Porter

District 4 - (map)

Photo of Larry M Evans
Larry M. Evans

District 5 - (map)

Photo of Tim G Heard
Tim G. Heard

District 6 - (map)

Photo of Terry W Mathis
Terry W. Mathis

District 7 - (map)

Photo of Donna O Yost
Donna O. Yost

District 8 - (map)

Photo of Rodney H Reese
Rodney H. Reese

District 9 - (map)