Commercial Rate Schedules


Sawnee EMC offers a wide variety of retail electric rates to its member-consumers. Retail rates are available to member-consumers based on the characteristics of the load that is served (e.g. 1 phase or 3 phase) and the applicable provisions as stated in the rate schedule.

Category of Rates:

Retail rates generally fall into eight (8) categories, including: Residential, Small Commercial, Large Commercial, Outdoor Lighting, Net Generation, Renewable Energy, Qualifying Facilities and Other. Listed in the right navigation panel of this page are the current retail rates offered by Sawnee EMC. To view a copy of the rate, simply click on the hyperlink and the rate will be displayed in a pdf format.

Commercial Rate Schedule Documents


If you have questions about any of these rate schedules or about the rate schedule that you are receiving service under, please contact our Call Center at (770) 887-2363 or email us at

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