Commercial Rebates and Incentives

Members can receive grants for making energy efficient improvements to their business. It is recommended that members have an on-site evaluation performed by a Commercial Marketing Representative (CMR) to verify eligibility for grant money. Grant money is not paid until improvements have been inspected and/or verified by the CMR. It is at the CMR’s sole discretion to determine which improvements are applicable at the site.

Grant money may be obtained through the calendar year of 2018 while funds are available. Programs and Grants are subject to change without notice. All rebates are issued as a credit to a member's electric bill on the billing statement following verification. These rebates only apply to work that is completed in 2018 and are not retroactive.

Grants may be obtained for the following when recommended:

No. Program and Description Grant
1 Lighting Upgrade
A member can receive an energy grant for upgrading existing lighting systems to higher efficiency systems.
Lighting Upgrade Application (PDF)
Half (½) of the total cost up to a maximum of $500.00
2 Solar Film Window Tinting
A member can receive an energy grant to assist in the application of solar window film tint to their structure’s existing windows. Grant may include installation costs.
Half (½) of the total cost up to a maximum of $150.00
3 Upgrade Equipment
A commercial member can receive a rebate when replacing a capital intensive piece of production equipment when the replacement piece results in substantial kilowatt savings.
Upgrade Equipment Application (PDF)
Half (½) of the total cost up to a maximum of $1000.00
4 Install Energy Management System
Install an energy management system that can be used to control lighting, HVAC settings, and other office functions. System must be in place and functioning properly before rebate is applied.
Half (½) of the total cost up to a maximum of $500.00

For information, call our Marketing Department at 770-887-2363, ext.7-133 or on-line at Commercial Marketing at Sawnee.

You can also fax receipts for completed upgrades to the Marketing Department at 678-513-8106. Please include your Sawnee account number and a contact phone number with the fax.