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Sawnee EMC is making various corporate documents available to Sawnee EMC members, the general public, and other interested parties for general review and utilization.

Corporate Documents:
Shown in the right navigation panel of this page are the various corporate documents that are currently available online. Please follow the process outlined below (e.g. Document Not Offered Online) if you wish to request information that is not currently available online.

Annual Reports - The three (3) most recent Annual reports are listed here.

2017 Annual Report (PDF)
2016 Annual Report (PDF)
2015 Annual Report (PDF)

Audited Financial Statements - The three (3) most recent independently audited Financial Statements, in the entirety, are listed here.

2017 Financial Audit (PDF)
2016 Financial Audit (PDF)
2015 Financial Audit (PDF)

Identity Fraud/Theft:
Sawnee EMC has developed an Identity Fraud/Theft Investigation Packet ("Packet") (PDF) to assist former and current members, as well as other individuals that believe they are a victim of identity fraud/theft. Completion of the "Packet" is required in order for Sawnee EMC to investigate the allegation of improper use of personal identifying information.

Right of Way Guide:
Guide for members about on-going right of way activities (PDF)

Documents Not Offered Online:
The availability of Sawnee EMC corporate information is sanctioned and administered by the staff of Sawnee EMC, as approved by the Board of Directors, and is outlined in Policy 401 (PDF), Member and Public Access to Cooperative Information. This policy governs the dissemination of corporate information to members of Sawnee EMC, as well as non-members.

Those wishing to receive information “not” located at this site should follow the process described in Policy 401 (PDF). All requests allowed under Policy 401 (PDF) should be submitted as outlined herein.

Any request for information under this policy should be directed to:

Sawnee EMC
Attention Office of the President and CEO
543 Atlanta Highway
Cumming, Georgia, 30040

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