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Customer Choice:

In 1973, the Georgia General Assembly passed the Georgia Territorial Act. This action assigned specific service areas for all electric utilities in the state of Georgia. Based on these territorial assignments, the forty-two cooperatives in Georgia serve over seventy percent of the land area in the state.

Residential customers and commercial customers with a connected load under 900 kilowatts are assigned to the electric provider based on the location of their home or business. However, commercial and industrial customers that are located outside of an area that was incorporated city limits as of February 1973, with a connected load that exceeds 900 kilowatts are considered “customer choice”. These customers have the right to select from any electric provider that is willing and able to serve their needs.

Sawnee EMC offers an extremely competitive rate for these customer choice customers. We recommend that any developer or business that is considering a location for a new facility to contact the Sawnee EMC Commercial Marketing Department so that we may assist you with any of your needs.


Sawnee EMC prides itself on the exceptional quality of service that it provides to the school systems in our seven county service territory. Most new schools fall into the customer choice category. Therefore, they are eligible for one of our very competitive rates. There are two rates that a school can choose from. If the school has plans for any activities at the school during the summer, we have a rate that does not penalize them for these activities during the peak season. If the school will be dormant through the summer, we have a rate that rewards them for not using much energy through the peak season.


“Our record four decades of continuous, uninterrupted water service would not have been possible without Sawnee EMC.”

Thomas A. Heard
General Manager
Cherokee County Water and Sewerage Authority

“We had some unique needs as an educational facility, and everyone at Sawnee Electric was willing to meet those needs. We appreciate Sawnee’s high quality service.”

Dan Willis
Vice President & Chief Operating Officer
Lanier Technical Institute, Forsyth

“American Proteins provides a vital service to the poultry industry in the state of Georgia. As a part of this service, Sawnee EMC plays an important role in insuring that we are operational on a continuous basis. Sawnee has provided exceptional response and service.”

Gary Savage
American Proteins