Lost Members

The staff of SEMC has the following tool / reference to assist in the process of locating former SEMC members for whom SEMC is holding unclaimed patronage capital:

Search Tool - Utilize the "Search Tool" to search for a specific former member of Sawnee EMC to determine if this person has unclaimed patronage capital.

How to Claim:
The staff of SEMC offers two options (below) to assist in the process of requesting unclaimed patronage capital for former SEMC members:

Option 1: Online Request for Unclaimed Patronage Capital

Use the following form to submit your request:

Option 2: Mail/Fax Request for Unclaimed Patronage Capital

To verify your eligibility in claiming a refund by mail or fax, please download and complete the following printable form (please note you may be required to show adequate proof of identity):

Request Form (PDF)

Once completed, please mail or fax this form to Sawnee EMC for verification of eligibility:

Sawnee EMC
543 Atlanta Highway
Cumming, GA 30040

Fax: (678) 947-3368


Concerns about this process should be directed to Mrs. Ginny Ellis, Chief Financial Officer, or you may contact Sawnee’s Customer Call Center at (770) 887-2363 or via email at customerservice@sawnee.com.