Interconnection Requirements

Shown in the lower portion of the right navigation panel of this page are Sawnee’s Dispersed Generation Interconnection policies, agreement, procedure and various related forms and information. Dispersed generation loads may qualify for access to Sawnee EMC’s Net Energy Metering Rate Rider (NEM) (PDF).

Given the unique nature of interconnection requests and loads, all parties interested in interconnecting with Sawnee’s distribution facilities are required to direct all requests to Blake House Vice President of Member Services.

For more information on your solar options, please visit our Photovoltaic Systems (Solar) page.

Interconnection Documents

Sawnee's Dispersed Generation Interconnection Policy (PDF).

Interconnection Procedures

Sawnee's Dispersed Generation Interconnection Procedure can be obtained by selecting one of the links below.

Applications are valid for 90 days once approval for install is granted:

“Small” (PDF) (Residential – not greater than 10 kW; Commercial – not greater than 100 kW) Distributed Generation Resources

“Large” (PDF) (Greater 100 kW) Distributed Generation Resources