What is the Difference Between Pool Pumps?

  • Single speed:  operates at full speed when running, offers very little flow control, and are the least efficient.  This is the most common form of pool pump.
  • Variable speed:  offers a more energy efficient motor, allowing you to adjust the speed and achieve ideal flow rate in the pool, even at different times of the day. When operated correctly, these pumps can achieve significant savings compared to a single speed pump motor.  

Variable Speed Pool Pump Rebate Requirements:

A Sawnee EMC member may be eligible for a half (1/2) of the cost up to a maximum of $100.00 per pump bill credit if the following requirements are met: 

  1. Install a variable speed pool pump(s) to replace a single speed pump. 
  2. Must provide proof of purchase showing purchased in 2023.  Pumps purchased prior to January 1, 2023, do not qualify for this rebate. 

Take the following steps to receive your bill credit.

  1. Use the online form below and include the following information so that we can access your account and apply the bill credit accordingly:
    • Name on Sawnee EMC Account
    • Account Number
    • Service Address
    • Horsepower (HP) rating of the pump(s)
    • Phone Number in case our representative has a question or needs additional information
    • Optional - Add comments to your email if any special circumstances exist
    • Include your receipt or invoice showing your variable speed pool pump purchase

A Sawnee EMC Representative will contact you with any questions or to schedule an onsite confirmation visit.  Generally, once the application is processed, your credit will appear within 1-2 billing cycles on your billing statement. 

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